Edith CavellOne hundred years ago, Nurse Edith Cavell was executed by the Germans for helping Belgian and French soldiers escape Brussels. I found this postcard in my Grandmothers (Ada Greenwood) photo collection. I have recollections of talking to her about Edith Cavell and watching the B&W film with her on a sunday afternoon, probably in the late 1950’s. As a family we used to go around to our grandparents house after afternoon sunday school. We went for sunday tea and to watch the TV. They had a television, we didn’t, so Sunday was the day. We probably watched the Black and White film Nurse Edith Cavell from 1939 starring Anna Neagle as Edith and George Saunders as the German Officer.

This card was probably sold during the war and is printed on fabric. It was taken before the war, she sits in her garden in Brussels with her two dogs. The dog on the right, “Jack” was rescued after her execution.
Edith Cavell was definitely one of my Grandmothers heroes.