Family Tree

I was asked the other day how far back have I got my family tree.

My answer was a bit evasive,  I couldn’t recall the full answer. I explained that I look for quality over quantity, ie stories about my ancestors rather than lots of just names and dates. But its fair enough question, so here’s a brief run down;

  • GREENWOODs, currently back to my Great x3 Grandfather THOMAS GREENWOOD, b 1752 in Stillington Yorkshire. He was married to Elizabeth Wood, who I can take back a  further generation.
  • All the other branches on the Greenwood side go no further back than the beginning of the 18th century at the earliest.
  • Most progress was made by my Uncle, Basil Rose, who took his and my mothers tree back to the 16th century.
  • ROSE, at the end of the 16th century was John ROOSE (Great x10 grandfather) who died in 1617. It looks like they were in Thirkleby, North Yorkshire.
  • PINKNEY, where Roger PINKNEY was born in 1642/43 in the York area.
  • DAVISON, of Aycliffe, my current line of research, I have back to my Gx5 Grandfather, Thomas DAVISON, b 1743. I have no doubt that this line will go back further.
  • MUMBY line came from Grainsby in Lincolnshire. Robert MUMBY, my Great x6 Grandfather was born in 1717.
  • The oldest record I have is Richard PINDER from Roxby, North Yorkshire. My Great x11 Grandfather, who died in 1547.
  • Nathaniel PIERSEY, born circa 1668 in Freasley, Warwickshire. He was my Gx7 Grandfather. This line became the PIERCYs who married into the itinerant Wesleyan preacher William BROCKLEHURST in 1812. There is lots of potential in this branch, research by American descendants has been published and can be incorporated into my tree.